Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Student Blogging Challenge 4

Student Blogging Challenge

Using images in posts

Can you use any image on the internet?
No you can’t.

student blogging chalenge 8

Student Blogging Challenge
Challenge 8

Wrestling (favorite sport)
Wrestling is in my opinion one of the best sports in the world. Not a lot of people know about wrestling or wrestle them selves, but you feel pride when you wrestle. When you win all of the attention is pointed towards you, because wrestling is an individual sport. The more time you put into wrestling the better you get, thats why I wrestle so much.
Robert Downey Jr. (favorite actor)
Robert downy Jr. is such a funny actor. He is in all of my favorite movies and he has a lot of self confidence. I have a lot of self confidence too. He is rich and probably lives in a really big house with a lot of really nice cars.
Leviathan (favorite book)
Leviathan, is a really good steam punk book, it takes place in the time of world war 1,  although the battles are much different. Their are giant flying animals used as battleships in the sky, and huge zepplins and they fight in the sky. And incredible land battles with fabricated animals and giant steam powered mechs like tanks.
Brunswick, Germany (favorite place to travel in the future)
Brunswick is an amazing place, its full of century old buildings that surprisingly aren't falling apart yet. They are actually in good condition and the city always looks so clean. The people their are all nice look and well dressed, and they probably all have a good life.
Light Bulb (favorite invention)
Where do i even start with the light bulb. It was such an invention, without the light bulb we wouldn't be where we are now. The light bulb provides light when we need it most, and all the other times.
Every Food (favorite food)
Basicly every food that involves beef, fish, or any kind of meat, i will eat and most likely enjoy. My mom says that i should have more fruit and vegetables but, why have that, when you can have a burger, or chicken, or steak or a burrito, etc. Fruit is pretty good to, so are just about every food beside brussel sprouts and zucchini 
Sleeping (favorite thing to do in the morning)
Sleep is wonderful, I love sleeping in on the weekends. When you sleep you feel so cozy and comfortable that you dont wanna move. My mom basically has to drag me out of bed to go to school.
History (favorite thing to study)
History is awesome, you can see what other peoples lives were like before you. And with out history, where would we be now, we need to learn from our mistakes so what way better to learn than to read the failures that people have done over time.
Weightlifting (favorite thing to do when im bored)
When i dont have anything else to do, i weightlift. I want to get stronger for wrestling, so i lift weights, I can do about 25 reps of 140 when i bench. I dont know how much i can lift but soon i will find out.

7th grade reflection

This is my 7th grade reflection on what is happening right now. A F5 tornado just went through oklahoma. North Korea threatened to go to war with us. Music is very popular now, i think the most popular is rap. The style is to dress with bright colors and be fit.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Student Blogging Challenge 10

Student Blogging Challenge
Challenge 10

I have written 10 blog posts, almost all of them were school based but some were about wrestling and what I do in my free time. I have gotten about 6 comments, not that much buts its my first blog. My first post received the most comments because some people don't know everyone I put who was on their. I enjoyed righting the first one the most because it was the easiest and most fun. I didn't change my blog theme at all, I kept in the same all year. I think i have to many widgets, i have more then 10, and that just makes my blog crowded, and I want my blog to calm, without a billion things popping out at you. I 've had many overseas students view my blog, I even have a few from the middle east!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Student Blogging Challenge 6

Student blogging challenge

I've tried looking my self up and nothing comes up. I don't have Facebook or twitter  or any kind of social media. And I live in a small town so, nothing really extraordinary happens here except. Except in the olympics we had a home town olympian, Morgan Uceny. But other than that, nothing else really happens. So Without social media, im not on the internet at all.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Boston Marathon explosions

I don't even know how to react to this, I feel very sad about what happened, but I also feel angry at the people who did this. I dont think anyone should have the right to bomb civilians for no reason.
And I agree with the quote "There's more good people out there than bad people," Zuker says. "And it's way more. The scales aren't even close." 
Because their are a lot more people who want to do good things then bad, this is why we have more people in government jobs then people who deal drugs or people who steal things and intend to hurt people.
And I dont even think this would in the study of survival either,  because explosives aren't natural, and neither are terrorist acts. The number of terrorist acts in the US have gone up, I think that they are all related to each other, and that maybe there is a group we dont know about that is just out to destroy americas sense of security and freedom, I really want these things to not happen, im tired of mass murders and bombings appearing on the news, I want this to stop.